– Becoming a medium fish in a small pond…

Holte, Denmark.

My room, my first tape-recorder. Note the hanging liquor bottles in the window.

My grandfather had given me the guitar and said, “After you have learned 3 chords, you can play all the songs in the world”

He didn’t say how well…

It was a grey, rainy world.

An ordinary moment on our schoolyard: Skip-roaping on a wet day.  Girls I fell in love with… – where are they now?

At 17

– I got my first Record deal, a solo “EP”, with five original songs – and I got into the Danish State Radio as well.  Here I met other singers and players and the music started taking off. The title song “Lysseblå Bananer” (Powder-blue bananas), later made it as a children’s song in the official school song books. I was happy to see that, but also noticed the author was listed as “Anonymous”.  

The news-article headline reads: “Unknown, but for how long?
I can now answer that.

The Groups:

I loved hearing three voices come together, so vocal groups with a variety of singers & players became my passion.
It was radio, TV, records, newspapers. Great fun, good times with all…
QUACKS” was so named, because we started with 2 medical students in the group – (picture Left:) Kirsten Granau, Finn Moller, Michael Bundesen (front) and yours truly.

Here (right) is Kirsten, Michael and I – performing at the open-air main stage in Tivoli-Gardens, Copenhagen.

  Michael Elo and Ianne Elo became my partners in tours and recordings in Denmark, Germany & Holland.  Jan Blaabjerg was in my very first ensemble – and he was the only one who actually became a doctor.  Michael Bundesen did well later in life with the heavy rock-band “Shubi-dua“.

Some tracks from back when…

The Quacks was hired to perform for four weeks in Thule American Airbase – on Greenland, near the Arctic Circle.  We arrived at noon on the 5th of January in pitch darkness.  A dancer with our ensemble, Marianne Danebod took a linking to me on the second day. It became a month-long night of continuous education that any young man of 17 could only dream of.  Some day I would love to thank Marianne for such a great start in romantic life. It was 40 below zero outside. We certainly made the best of it.

When people saw us on stage they thought I was short.  I was 6’2″, but Michael was 6’8″.

Eartha Kitt, the American singer became a good friend of my father and all of us and she always stayed with us when touring in Europe.  Above: Clowning around with her daughter Kit Kitt trying to push my dad back in the water. Below Kirsten Granau, Michael Bundesen and I sing to Eartha in the front yard on Malerbakken 11.

An American Agent

Saw the group in Copenhagen and gave us our first gig in New York.  It was a big new world and life would never be the same. We ended going upstate to Albany, then Nashua, NH & Burlington, Vt. My partners became homesick and the group broke up – so I joined up with new friends, John Cassel, Sceeter Cameron and others in a place called “Lost Nation”.

It was back and forth to Denmark, the East Coast & Los Angeles for some years, until I settled in California to roll the dice in the film and music business.

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